Friday, October 3, 2014

What Knowledge is…?

While thinking on the word or the concept called ‘Knowledge’, i.e. what knowledge is…?
Or to what one should call the knowledge….?
Is it a Philosophy...?
Is it Spirituality…?
Is it a Science…?
Is it any –logy…? Or anything else

Then after pondering for a short time, I realized...

“ Knowledge is, when our thought eagerly travels a path of positivity for urge of knowing surrounded with belief. ”

Then I imagined the period of very inception of Human Kind. When Humans i.e. a species with no cloths to wear and with bent body cum tail were struggling for existence and the story of human evolution further goes on…

My point is how the very first Book, so far in the human history would had been written? I mean how the words containing thoughts had been embedded on the sheet of paper..?

It  had been written or embedded by the means of Positivity and Belief only.. Yes Positivity and Belief.

So, Knowledge is mostly based on positivity and Belief (with the help of experience). Then, whatever is the stream.

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