Sunday, September 7, 2014

You reap what you sow

n a world of material desires, every human form run with wanting mind, desire of human heart and human mind never ends till one’s last breath. One always come across with such a phase in life when he ends with something with zero gain, then he realize the efforts which he had given to achieve something, went all in vein. Then there starts blame game, he blames destiny, he blames god, he finds every possible reason to blame.

“I have given my best still I am having nothing in my hand” he keeps thinking. By doing so, it spoils his time and it leads to distressed mind. We often give something and expect something different in return. It exactly same as we sow one thing and expect to reap different. But the logic of nature doesn't work as per the human thinking; it is already predefined by god. Only such a thing will reap out which has been sowed.

 In computer programming, if a program is written to sum up two numbers, and in a logical part, instead of ‘+’ sign, if programmer unwittingly  coded ‘-’ sign, And on the output screen if he passes two numbers, 15 and 10 for summation. He would expect result would be 25, but according to logic, result would be 5. Exactly same thing reflects in real life. In order to achieve fruitful end results, one has to be dexterous, keen observer and efficient thinker.

So, Lets outperform.!

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